Cross Border Transactions
In the increasingly international trading environment, the physical boundaries have blurred and it has become but imperative for the corporate to expand beyond their home country in order to achieve the growth or at times for the sake of survival. This necessitates cross border transactions. However, this also involves a lot of complexities in terms of compliances, restrictions and achieving tax efficiency. Informed and practical tax advice influences these critical investments and maximises financial returns. Through our highly effective international network and affiliations, we assist our clients in overcoming these hurdles and achieve their targets. Our services include:
  • Foreign tax credit tax advice and planning to minimise withholding taxes
  • Assistance on transfer pricing policy and international financing operations
  • Advise on cross border mergers and acquisitions
  • Determine the most tax-efficient way to structure your foreign offices
  • Structure the funding of overseas business considering the different country's tax laws
  • Manage your effective rate of tax and assist with timing of transactions tax compliance services for expatriates
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